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Someday Never Comes - A Travel Blog

Welcome. Entries have been listed here chronologically as they were written during a series of linear events. Make sense? Doesn't to me either. Life's far too complex for something so simple, that's why entries are also listed categorically, both by location and topic. So if you prefer wrapping thoughts in neat little packages, give that a go. When all else has failed, you can try the handy little search box over on the far right. Of course, you have to have some idea of what it is for which you are searching and if I had any idea this site probably wouldn't exist. If you are wondering what I'm blabbing on about, good on yah, because the truth is I just needed some text to fill up the little white column this text is sitting in. But thanks for reading all the way to the end, you must be one of the few that actually pays attention.


What's that you say? Don't worry. Here you can find all entries on this site listed by date, from newest to oldest. Carry one.

October, 2007
12: Where have we been?
June, 2007
24: The Philippines and IDC Training
May, 2007
24: Forward
February, 2007
01: Living and Diving in Semporna
December, 2006
11: Semporna Revisited
November, 2006
15: Throw Momma From the Train
October, 2006
30: Beyond Shangri-La
September, 2006
26: Catching Up
19: Yixing
15: Sea of Bamboo
14: Dragonwell
06: Taiji Cha
01: Shanghai
August, 2006
27: Hong Kong
19: A Prelude To China
15: Melaka to Kuala Lumpur
05: What Should We Call This Post?
01: Diving at Pulau Sipadan
July, 2006
27: Out With The Old, In With The New
22: Computer Woes
14: The Borneo Highlands
11: Semporna
03: Bako National Park and Why There Are No Snakes in Borneo
June, 2006
25: Kuching
23: Onward to Kuching
22: Sleepless
18: Kuala Lumpur
16: Something seems different. Did you lose weight?
02: More Bali Highlights
01: Decision Time
May, 2006
21: Diving the East Coast of Bali
12: 3 Days in Singapore
02: A Farewell to Friends, Plus Why Your Ice Cream Is So Thick and Creamy
April, 2006
29: Bali Update II
27: Uluwatu Surfing
19: Bali Update
19: A Walk Around Ubud
14: In Bali
March, 2006
30: Heading South on the Big Island of Hawai'i
17: We're Off!!!
February, 2006
11: Gear: Kelty Redwing 3100
07: General Travel Tips #1